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Jacqui Powell leads a team who are totally committed to all your property needs.   Personalised... Not Franchised.

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Looking for more farm land or vast land spaces for your cattle?

Introducing Partner Now Property.


Same team with a new name, look and value proposition, we are so excited to now introduce you to Partner Now Property.

While Nutrient Harcourts was our home for many years, it is now time for us to evolve into our own brand, one that captures our ethical beliefs, supports our value offerings and one we can thrive within, to provide you, our people, with the opportunities and service we now choose to deliver.

We are excited to bring you along this journey with us.

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Our purpose for re-branding.

Our purpose to establish a new brand for our team came from a desire to grow and further in still our ethical beliefs for community, relationships, family & integrity. We also enthusiastic about providing a reinvigorated culture that offers our people the opportunities, guidance and support they need to succeed.

We believe our new brand perfectly reflects our new approach and provides us with the platform to thrive as a local collective property agency.

Our Community Focus.

Part of our purpose for re-branding was to bring our focus and belonging back into the community of Tamworth, now, proudly an owned and operated business within the heart of our town. We will continue to focus on and support our community moving forward.

Still your trusted team.

Jacqui Powell and the entire residential team have crossed over and now work within our new Partner Now Property brand. We are committed to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible, only enhancing our quality service to each and every client. Thinking about selling? Our team are ready to meet you!

As our new name suggests, we look forward to CONTINUE partnering with you on your next property venture, offering all the opportunities, guidance and support our team now have to offer.

Same address, same phone number, same friendly faces.

We understand you still may have some questions, so, below we have compiled our most frequently asked questions following our re-brand. Always feel free to get in touch and give us a call if you have any enquiries.

Our Brand Values.


OUR ACTIONS ARE HONEST - We value and pride ourselves on being an agency focused on living and breathing our true selves. Every action we take is honest and upfront and genuinely performed in the absolute best interest of our people.


OUR COMMUNITY IS OUR FAMILY - We value the strength, support, and opportunities we can provide one another when we work together as one cohesive team.


OUR COMMUNICATION IS TRANSPARENT - We value communication to deliver a completely transparent service for our clients as well as a supportive and encouraging working environment for our team.


OUR RELATIONSHIPS ARE NURTURED - We value building strong long-term relationships with each and every person. We value the friendships we make and the work-family we have created.

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